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You may also use a VLF metal detector if it comes with a mode for salt water. The majority of detectors are useless in seawater, which is why you should use a PI (pulse induction) or a dual function VLF (very low frequency) metal detector. Others aren’t waterproof and really aren’t meant to be used in the water, while other coils may be waterproof, but if you get the box wet, then you’ve ruined your metal detector. 240mm Waterproof Coil Search-can use on dry soil, wet sands, shallow water (Note: the detector can not be used in the rain).

Secrets In Waterproof Metal Detectors – The Options

This waterproof metal detector has two control modes, which are VCO and Normal. A submersible metal detector is not the most common type of detecting machine, and these are being used in very specific locations and times.

There you have it; our shortlist for the top 5 best underwater metal detectors to buy in 2018. I’m sure you are wondering why such a small metal detector costs almost $200? It is equally a versatile metal detector, and the advantage is that it can go up to 250 ft.

At a price of $2,120, this is definitely a first class metal detector that has powerful capabilities way beyond other machines you can find out there. Other metal detectors are also not waterproof so they might be damaged when used underwater. When it comes to treasure hunting, you usually think of items that can be found on land. There are a wide variety of underwater metal detectors available to buy, and depending on the budget you have at your disposal, you can get a wider variety of features. If you’re looking for gold nuggets, then you’re going to have to get a specialized metal detector that runs at a higher frequency.

Maybe you simply like hunting for treasures and want to take your adventure underwater. You can use a VLF, but ensure it has a salt water mode.

Communicate with Vibration Light, when a target is located, the Vibra-iking750 signals with pulses of vibration and flashes of bright white light. Very responsible in shipping time the seller, the box came a little mistreated but with everything inside it in perfect condition. The box is slightly wrinkled expensive, but the device was not hurt anywhere. Detection Indication, Audio alert, and pointer indicate the detection of metal.

It’s waterproof to an impressive 98 feet so it’s perfect for scuba diving and is also very simple to use as well. It will communicate with you via both vibration and an LED light is and metal is found and will maintain a stable detection depth throughout the whole life of the battery. It has pulse induction technology meaning that it will be able to hunt for that metal in any conditions.

Coil outter shell and face made from impact resistant composite materials which also UV stabilised. Wearing face of coil using composite materials allowing the coil to safely be used without cover if required. It have two coils – 10×14 and 6×10″ waterproof metal detector for sale and two types of phones – for land and for sea. I received this detector – Garrett Infinium like a gift in 2014 and never use it. Therefore, the functionally complex device has a simple design and is accessible for work even for novice users.



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